In our Flamenco outlet you will find products on sale, like special offers and items about to be discontinued.

EverythingFlamenco dresses, skirts and bata de colas. Shawls and shoes. As well as other Flamenco products at a very good price.

Anything we put up for sale here have the same premium quality as any other product we manufacture and sell. Offered to you at a very good price!

This category contain discontinued items that will not be for sale in the future. Don´t miss your chance to buy a premium quality product with large discount!

If you have any questions about possible future items, please get in touch.

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Andalucia Flamenco Dress (display model)


Black Grana Brooch


Black Rococo Peineta Flamenco Comb


Blue Peineta Flamenco Comb


Bolitas Fuschia Pink Flamenco Comb


Bolitas Orange Flamenco Comb


Brown Rococo Peineta Flamenco Comb


Canastera Flamenco Skirt & Shawl (display model)


Canastero Flamenco Dance Dress (display model)


Elegant Bordeaux Peineta Comb


Elegant Emerald Green Peineta Flamenco Comb


Elegant Purple Peineta Flamenco Comb


Elegant Red Beaded Metal Comb


Fuchsia Lucia Flamenco Blouse (display model)


Kids Campera Flamenco Skirt (display model)


Large Pink Cameo Brooch


Large Plastic Flamenco Combs


Lunares Flamenco Jacket (display model)


Manton Flamenco Dance Dress (display model)


Red Lucia Flamenco Blouse (display model)


Rizos Flamenco Blouse (display model)


Sale Elegant Lilac Peineta Comb


Volantes Flamenco Skirt (display model)