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Flamenco Spanish Shawls

Flamenco shawls, also known as “mantoncillos” or “picos”, are the most traditional accessories for flamenco dresses. It is worn over the shoulders and it is hold by a brooch in the front. In the past, they were bigger and their fabrics were thicker and heavier. Our Andalusian ancestors used it to keep warm. Nowadays, they are smaller and made of a lighter fabric and are not used as cardigans, but just as an accessory and a memory of our culture.


EverythingFlamenco expert assistants advise to wear the shawl, the dress and the brooch of different colours to make the shawl stand out, especially when the dress is solid. For example, if your flamenco dress is fuchsia, a white shawl with a fuchsia brooch may be a good option to contrast colours.

All of our shawls are handmade in Andalusia with materials of the best quality and may be used during the whole year because it never gets old-fashioned.

Buy online in a confortable and easy way. Do you need other sizes or colours? If there is any question or our expert assistants advice is required, please contact us by email at or by telephone at

(+1 903 375 7448) . We will be pleased to help you.


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