Bata de Colas

All our Bata de Colas are custom-made to your exact measurements for a perfect fit. Professionally tailored exclusively for you with colours and patterns of your choice.Whether you are a Flamenco dancer, you need a wedding dress or  just want to be the star of the party, our Bata de Colas will suit your needs.

With its´ long tail The Bata de Cola is spectacular in appearance. Being used for Flamenco dancing or leisure it is guaranteed to leave an impression.

The classic Bata consists of three different parts;  The body, the outer ruffles and the under ruffles.

Design your own bata de cola by choosing fabrics from our catalogue or let us design one for you, free of charge:) Choose between the heavier professional tail with completely lined interior or a lighter and more economic basic version.

All our Batas come in a wide variety of colours, patterns and designs. We carry a large supply of the highest quality fabrics.

Find your preferred model, click the picture and choose from a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Maybe you have a specific design in mind and can´t find it? Send us your sketch and we will make it happen!

All our Bata de Colas are machine washable, designed and manufactured by us in Spain.

Flamenco Closet Creations is your online leader for custom flamenco dance dresses! High quality Flamenco designs at very inexpensive prices. You will be the star of the show in any of these fabulous garments!

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Alejandra Bata de Cola Dress


Almendra Bata de Cola Skirt


Almeria Bata de Cola Skirt


Andalucia Bata de Cola Skirt


Angelitas Bata de Cola Skirt


Caracoles Bata de Cola Skirt


Dolores high-waisted Bata de Cola Skirt


Faraona Bata de cola Dress


Graciosa Bata de Cola Skirt


Guajira Bata de Cola Dress


Guajira Bata De Cola Skirt


High-Waisted Bata de Cola


Ines Bata de Cola Dress


Jimena Bata de Cola Dress


Lace Bata de Cola Deluxe dress


Lucero Bata de Cola Dress


Luisa Bata de Cola Skirt


Marisela Bata de Cola Skirt


Olivia Bata De Cola Dress


Palmas Deluxe Bata de Cola Skirt


Palmera Bata de Cola Skirt


Poderosa Bata de Cola Skirt


Primavera Bata de Cola Skirt


Roses Bata de Cola Skirt


Sacromonte Bata de Cola Skirt


Sevilla Bata de Cola Skirt


Triana Bata de Cola Skirt


Zambra Bata de Cola Skirt and Shawl