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Who are we?

Flamenco Closet Creations or Everything for Flamenco was founded in Seattle, Washington in 2001 by flamenco dancer and costume designer Alicia Harris. Alicia was born in Granada Spain, in the very heart of Flamenco tradition and dancing.

Her designs have become regarded as elegant and modern, while keeping the authentic essence of the traditional flamenco costume.

Everythingflamenco.com has been a dedicated deliver of Bata de Colas, Flamenco Dresses and skirts to dancers worldwide since 2001.

We have made costumes for dance companies, movies and television and theatres across the world. Worldwide renowned dancers come to us for their costumes designs.

Everythingflamenco.com is a family-oriented business, and we also supply dance schools and individuals across the world.


Our vision

Our goal is to make our customers visions come true, and give them a positive experience.

All our dresses are designed for maximum comfort and ease for dancing, without compromising flow and movement.

Whether you are just starting out or you are seasoned in the art, we are here for you.


Our products

We offer a wide variety of Flamenco shoes and accessories, anything from flamenco fans, shawls, flowers to castanets, earrings, combs and more.

We use and provide the highest quality of materials when making your costume, still remaining budget friendly.

Everything is specially tailored for any stage of flamenco dancing and all fabrics and accessories are made in Spain.


How to choose your product 

Alicia will personally talk you through and answer any questions that you may have such as;

What is the best dress for your body style?

What is the best fan for your dance?

How to choose a Flamenco flower for your hair?

What is best to use, Flecos or Shawl? All depending on your style, we´ll help you choose what´s right for you.

Any question you might have, Alicia will make time for you, we value a 100% satisfied customer.


Our store

We offer a wide variety of dresses and accessories for every level of Flamenco dancing.

Whether you are a professional dancer or starting to learn we will design the dress of your dreams.

We also provide Flamenco costumes for kids of all ages.

Located in Granada Spain, Alicia and her team will help you design your Flamenco dresses and Bata de Colas.

We are your one stop shop for everything Flamenco.

If ever in Spain, you may visit with Alicia and tour the studio while you are there, just call or email to make an appointment and let us know when you will be there.

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