Flamenco Dance Skirts

Everything Flamenco are proud to offer very elegant high-end skirts for professional use. Choose your favourite from a variety of designs, all available in a huge number of colours and patterns.

Designed especially for dancers, our skirts are produced with optimal length of the skirt without compromising comfort.

All our skirts come in high quality fabric, are comfortable to wear and easy to perform in. They are produced in anti-static material to keep the skirt from sticking to your body when performing.

Recognized by its´long tail, the Flamenco Dance Skirt is a very expressive yet still elegant outfit.

To create the beautiful effect when the skirt is swung around by the dancer, the length of the skirt is important. You can choose between two options, the standard 185cm or full length 220cm.  

Any questions you might have concerning choice of length, types of fabrics, colours or patterns, we will be happy to help you out. 

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