Instructional DVD

We are happy to offer you Flamenco Instructional DVDs with top notch instructors and professional dancers. Available for all levels from beginner/ intermediate to professional, as separate courses or full classes.

If you want to learn by yourself at home, these DVDs will guide you through every single step in a gentle pace.

If you are attending Flamenco classes and need more input on your spare time these will suit your needs perfectly. Our Flamenco instructional DVDs will guide you through all the different styles and variations. From basic techniques to advanced patterns and even more challenging choreographies it is all here.

Exercises at different speeds to make sure you are on track all the way. Get tips on how to build endurance and strength.

All elements of Flamenco are covered, from posture and footwork to understanding the characteristic clapping in Flamenco known as “palmas”.

In-depth lessons on every skill you need to perform flamenco. Lessons guiding you carefully through each task at your own preferred pace.

Let the professionals guide you, learn how to understand the choreography and even create one yourself. Get familiar with the musical style of Flamenco by playing the attached CD. Enjoy the music by itself or listen to understand the rhythm patterns of Flamenco.

All DVDs and CDs are compatible for all countries (NTSC and PAL).
Subtitled in Spanish, English, French and Japanese.

We ship worldwide.

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