Our Flamenco Dance Dresses

Not only being comfortable to wear, but also exclusively hand-made from premium quality fabric at our workshop in Spain they are all available in a large variety of colours and patterns. EverythingFlamenco have proudly been making Flamenco Dance Dresses since 2001 for both professionals and amateurs. Since the very beginning, we have been making Flamenco Dresses for dance companies and dancers all over the world.

Our commitment

Ranging from the traditional style to the more modern, our dance dresses are pure pleasure to the eye. EverythingFlamenco are proud to keep the tradition alive, still keeping updated on the latest influences in Flamenco fashion. Our customer is always our top priority and main focus.

Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, special needs or requirements. We are here to help you:)

EverythingFlamenco Dance dresses –

Made for dancers, by dancers.

The Flamenco Dance Dress, a little history

Back in the day, this was originally a humble working outfit worn by Andalusian women. Known as the “Traje de Gitana” or  the “Traje de Flamenca”, the working dress of the past has turned into what we today know as the Flamenco Dance dress. To this day it is also the only regional costume that has become a fashion. It is also a true icon of Spanish culture.

The dress was usually made of percale fabric and had up to four ruffles. An apron was worn around the dress to protect it from stains, dust and other contamination. You would want to stay pretty even after a hard days´ work!

The dress

The traditional Flamenco dress cut, (aka “Guitar Body Cut”) outlined the natural female curves in a subtle and beautiful way. Common accessories come in all kinds of colours and variants.

The accessories

These are various types of jewellery, like a shawl, wooden rings or bright coloured bracelets. Back in the day, depending on the season, a round or square neckline, (aka “pico”) would be used. A hair bun would keep the hair in place, with a the help of a large comb (aka “peineta”) with ornaments. A beautiful flower attached next to it and you would be ready to start the day.

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