Flamenco fringe (flecos).

Fringes are one of the latest accessories in flamenco fashion. The most valued models are those handmade with the best quality and colourful threads (silk threads) by our Andalusian women. This accessory makes you look more graceful while walking or just dancing thanks to its movement.

Nowadays, celebrity flamenco dancers wear this accessory to make an important effect on the stage thanks to fringes’ sparkling and soft silk threads.

Everythingflamenco.com offers manny different models:

– Neck fringes: It is designed to decorate dresses’ necks and give movement to the flamenco dress or just the flamenco outfit while walking or dancing. It is conceived to decorate the dress and grant an elegant distinction to the outfit.

– Dance fringes: it measures approximately 2 m. It is worn with a dance outfit. Even though there are different ways to wear it, the most usual one is behind the neck, crossing the strips over the chest and tie it in the back with elastic, a brooch or a pin. This soft, smooth accessory and its intensive and sparkling colours make a beautiful effect on dancers choreographies.

Buy online your neck or dance fringes in a comfortable and easy way. Do you need other sizes or colours? If you have any questions or our expert assistants advice is required, please contact us by email at everythingflamenco@gmail.com. We will be pleased to help you.

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