The Flamenco hat

The Flamenco hat, or “Cordoban hat” (in Spanish, sombrero cordobés) is a traditional hat that origins from the city of Córdoba in Spain. Traditionally it is worn in the larger parts of Andalusia. In the Spanish-speaking world outside of Andalusia the term can simply mean “wide-brimmed hat”.

Our product

EverythingFlamenco are offering the basic model of the Flamenco hat, available in black or red. Our hats are made of felt, which is stiffer and harder than other materials yet malleable.

Other materials like polyester or plastic deform easily and will not keep the heat away, in addition to not being very comfortable to wear. Our felt-made  Flamenco hats will keep the sun out of your face, keep you comfortably cool and make you look good the classic Flamenco way!

The perfect complement to your dance outfit,  or even your everyday wardrobe. With our hats you get high quality for a good price.


– All our Flamenco hats are designed and manufactured 100% in Spain.

– High quality hardened, light-weight felt for durability and comfort.

– Easily malleable, iron it into desired shape.

– Use the strap to adjust and keep your Flamenco hat in place.

– Classic and traditional model

– Unisex article.

– Not subject to the ever-changing fashion.  Take care of it, and pass it on from generation to generation.

A little advice

If  your Flamenco hat has bended or wrinkled itself, do not worry! Felt is a material easy to mould, so you can easily iron your Flamenco hat back into shape. Just make sure you use a fine fabric protection between iron and hat.

Scrub caps and bouffant hats

We also make scrub caps and bouffant hats! Comfortable to wear and made of high quality breathable cotton and the adjustable tie-back provides perfect fitting, also if you have long hair. A built-in sweatband will keep your forehead dry.

All available in the fabric or colour of your choice. Pick a fabric from our fabrics section and we will make it for you.

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