Flamenco Brooches

Apart from being a beautiful piece of flamenco art, our brooches are essential flamenco accessories. Wear with a shawl or with your everyday dress. All our brooches are designed and made in Spain with a touch of flamenco. We are happy to offer them in a wide variety of designs, styles and materials.

A good tip; Make sure you wear a brooch of a different colour from your shawl, especially when the shawl is solid. For example, if your flamenco dress is black and the shawl is red, make sure you choose a black brooch. This will make sure the brooch stands out. It´s all in the details, isn´t it?;)                  Any questions, please contact us at everythingflamenco@gmail.com  We will be pleased to help you!

Find your own flamenco shawl here; https://everythingflamenco.com/product-category/flamenco-spanish-shawls/

Most materials are acetate or nacre, for long-lasting brightness and a smooth, shiny finish. These are also more durable than the more economic plastic ones.

We are proud to offer a large selection of beautiful accessories for your flamenco dress or everyday wear! All our premium quality products are 100% made in Spain. We ship worldwide.

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