Spanish Flamenco Dance Fans

The Spanish Flamenco Dance Fan also known as the pericón, is known all over the world and is one of our most popular products. Used in different ways, both as a symbol of elegance and more practically to refresh on a warm summer day. In a dance choreography the fan will be a tool to help show feelings and hidden passions. Using it to make postures and looks more expressive, the fan is a very effective tool. 


The Flamenco fan is one of the most famous Spanish Flamenco accessories in the world. Probably the most used accessory in flamenco dance thanks to its colourfulness, elegancy and the expression it can bring to dance choreographies.

Our fans are available in many sizes, from small (children size) to extra large, and comes in different colours and materials. 

Choose between the budget-friendly plastic fan or the exclusively hand-made traditional fan. The latter beautifully crafted and a true piece of Flamenco art! 

We suggest you choose a fan to make a colour contrast with your dance outfit, as this will make you stand out visually. Or maybe you want a fan to keep cool on a hot summer day? Whatever your need is, we´ll be happy to help you put together the perfect combination:)

Looking for other colours or sizes, and can´t find them here? Feel free to contact us directly, EverytingFlamenco will suit your needs!

Some additional info about the Flamenco Fan;

Flamenco Fans have a specific terminology for each of their components:
País: textile.
Varillas (ribs): wood that can be painted or fretworked.
Caberas: first and last ribs thicker than the others.
Calado (fretwork): holes made in the ribs.
Abanico (fan): the assembly or the named elements

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