Flamenco blouses and tops

We suggest;

If you opt for the skirt rather than the complete dance dress, order a blouse to match perfectly with your skirt. Get your own perfect combination, any way you like it we´ll make it!

The women blouses will match your favourite Flamenco dance skirt of choice perfectly! Comfortable to wear, our blouses and tops are available in  many different styles and fabrics. We´ll be happy to help you decide the perfect combination of the two. Contact us if you have any questions.

The men’s shirts are ideal to wear with an Andalusian costume. Going to the  ‘Feria’ or the ‘Rocio’? Make sure you wear one!

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Almeria Flamenco Blouse


Andalucia Flamenco Blouse


Azucena Flamenco Tie Top


Bailaora Flamenco Blouse


Black Flamenco Leotard


Bolero Flamenco Tie Top


Bullfighter Flamenco Jacket


Cadiz Flamenco Blouse


Candela Flamenco Blouse


Carla Flamenco Tie Top


Carmen Flamenco Blouse


Classic Flamenco Blouse


Corpiño Flamenco top


Corpiño Shawl Flamenco Top


Eden Flamenco Top


Farol Flamenco Blouse


Feria Flamenco Tie Top


Flamenco Leotard


Fuchsia Lucia Flamenco Blouse (display model)


Gabriela Flamenco Blouse


Girasol Flamenco Blouse


Gitana Flamenco Blouse


Goyesca Flamenco Blouse


Goyesca Flamenco Sleeveless Blouse